Charalambous Charalambos

Breast Surgeon
Medical School

1973-1979: Primary School
1979-1982: Secondary School (Kykkos Gymnasium B)
1982-1985: High School (Kykkos Lyceum B)
1985-1987: Service at National Guard, Cyprus
1987-1988: Foundation for German Language (Cologne University, Germany)
1989-1995: Medical School (Christian Albrecht University Kiel, Germany)
1996-1997: Preregistration Doctor (Nicosia General Hospital)
1997-2003: General Surgery Residency (Nicosia General Hospital)
2004          : General Surgery Title (Thessaloniki – Greece)


2004-2007: Private General Surgeon, Nicosia, Cyprus
2007-2017: General Surgeon (Nicosia General Hospital)
2008-2017: Director of the Breast clinic at Nicosia General Hospital
2014-2018: Full member of the European breast cancer network
2015-2018: Hon. Assistant Professor of Surgery
St George´s University of London Medical School at University of Nicosia
2016           : Founded member of the first breast center in Cyprus
2011- 2018: Member of the Cyprus surgical society board
2018-         : Private General and Breast Surgeon (American medical center)

Professional Highlights

2002: A.T.L.S (Limassol General Hospital)
2009: D.S.T.C (Larissa, Greece)
2010: Recto Anal surgery (Vienna, Austria)
Special Seminars for Laparoscopic surgery (Cyprus, Greece)
Special Seminars for Surgical Oncology (Cyprus, Greece, Germany)
Special Seminars and training in Breast Surgery (Cyprus, Greece, Italy)
Special Seminars for trauma and emergency surgery (Cyprus, Greece)

  • 14 presentations at surgery conferences in Cyprus
  • 4 presentations at surgery conferences held between Cyprus and Greece
  • Organized the first three annual breast cancer conferences in Cyprus (2013 -14-15)
  • 2 poster presentations in surgery conferences in Greece

Collaborator in two research studies at The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING)