• I came to the Center at 8am on Friday the 21 dec 2012 to have a stent put into my right carotid artery. I would like to thank you for taking such good care of me.I do realise that the procedure carries some risk but always felt that I was in such good and capable hands.I know too that without your help I would at some time have had a stroke leading to incapacity and perhaps even death. Would you please be kind enough to pass on my thanks to your colleagues and in particular to the nurses who were really excellent.

    Gerald Griffin
  • Dear All,

    I thought you might be interested in my current condition and progress.

    On my return to the UK on the 4th July 2012, accompanied by Dr Edmund Ibrahim, I had an appointment for the 9th July to see Mr Parmar Heart Surgeon at the University Hospital Coventry. It was decided that I needed a heart bypass operation and would go onto the waiting list. After being unwell on a number of occasions I was admitted into University Hospital Coventry on 27th July, I had my operation on 9th August and I am now on the road to making a full recovery, walking 1 mile a day, driving again, feeling well but being careful. It turned out that my condition was serious and I ended up having 5 bypass grafts. I still have my pacemaker that was fitted in the American Medical Center, Cyprus. I will always be grateful to you all for your treatment and diagnosis to have the pacemaker fitted in order to get me back to the UK safely.

    I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you for your help with my condition, the care and attention that was given to me was excellent. My wife and myself will always be appreciative of the treatment that was given to me by all the staff at the Royal Artemis Medical Centre, American Medical Center and to Dr Edmund Ibrahim whose care on the journey home was excellent. You should all be proud of the service that you provide to patients.

    With many thanks again from us both

    Gary & Cynthia Albrighton
  • Προς Διεύθυνση & Ιατρούς


    Στις 5/3/2017 μεταφέρθηκα εσπευσμένα, στο ιατρικό σας Κέντρο για νοσηλεία, κατόπιν σοβαρού τροχαίου δυστυχήματος που εμπλάκηκα, ως πολυτραυματίας, με σοβαρά κατάγματα.

    Αμέσως, ανέλαβαν την νοσηλεία μου, μια εξαίρετη ομάδα ιατρών, η οποία με την εντυπωσιακή εμπειρία της και τις αμέριστες προσπάθειες της, κατάφεραν την αποκατάσταση μου.

    Είμαι πολύ ευγνώμων τόσο σε εσάς όσο και στο έμπειρο ιατρικό, γραμματειακό και νοσηλευτικό προσωπικό σας, για την άψογη συμπεριφορά και αντιμετώπιση μου.

    Ιδιαίτερες ευχαριστίες θα ήθελα να εκφράσω στους ιατρούς «σωτήρες μου»:

    - Δρ.Σταύρου

    - Δρ.Πετρίδης

    - Δρ.Ζαμπεθάνης

    - Δρ.Κυρούσης

    - Δρ.Λύρας

    - Δρ.Παχνιώτης

    Θα είμαι πάντα μια ζωντανή απόδειξη των άοκνων προσπαθειών, έργων και αποτελεσμάτων, που επιτελείται στο Ιατρικό σας Κέντρο.

    Σας ευχαριστώ από καρδιάς