It is a surgical subspecialty within medicine that deals with conditions of the ear, nose, and throat (ENT) and related structures of the head and neck.

Diagnosis and Treatment of:

  • Ear infections (Acute, Chronic otitis – cholesteatoma), tumors outside and the middle ear.
    Disorders of balance, hearing, meniere disease syndrome.
  • Diseases such as sinusitis nasal-frontal sinusitis-sfynoeiditidis- nose-benign polyps and malignant tumors.
  • Diseases such as laryngeal polyps, papillomas, CA vocal cord paralysis and vocal cords.
  • Neck disease, salivary glands.

Tests and Procedures
Tone audiogram, tympanogram, acoustic reflexes sided and faced.
Vestibulospinalreflex Check andautomatic nystagmus.

A. Otosurgery
Lateral tympanoplasty
Chronic otitis – cholesteatoma
Preauricular fistulas
Cochlear implants

B. Nasal Procedures
Nasal septum alignment
Nasal turbinate surgery via ultrasound,
radiofrequency or Saver
Endoscopic nasal surgery for polyps or tumors
Endoscopic choanal atresia repair
Snoring and sleep apnea treatment

C. Laryngeal Procedures
Endoscopic removal of polyps – nodules
Malignant conditions
Partial laryngectomy
Total laryngectomy

D. Salivary Gland Procedures
Submandibular lithiasis
Parotid tumors

Ε. Neck Surgery
Congenital neck cysts
Congenital midline cysts
Lymph node dissection

F.  Paediatric ENT surgery

Ear Surgery
Tympanotomy with insertion of ventilation tubes
Choanal atresia
Preauricular fistulas
Thyroglossal duct cysts
Congenital neck branchial cleft cysts