1st Intervetional Radiology and Oncology Conference in Cyprus

The American Medical Center and the American Heart Institute are announcing the first Interventional Radiology/Interventional Oncology conference in Cyprus. The aim of the conference is to showcase state-of-the-art, image-guided, minimally-invasive interventions and novel treatment options for oncology and non-oncology patients alike, many previously unavailable in Cyprus. Internationally known faculty with long experience in their respective fields,will present a large array of interventions and offer therapeutic options for many diseases/conditions.

The conference is designed to address specialtyspecific audiences, i.e. gastroenterological, gynecological, emergency, vascular and other. Presentations will include minimally–invasive treatments for a variety of cancers including lung, liver, kidney and bone cancer, as well as non-oncology interventions, including uterine fi broid embolization, non-surgical management of hemorrhage, hepatico-biliary, endo-vascular, neurological interventions etc.

Conference Details:
3-4 November 2012
American Medical Center
Nicosia, Cyprus