American Medical Center/American Heart Institute now offers Endoscopic Thoracic Surgery

In the largest and most reputable Thoracic Surgery Centers abroad, at least 50 % of all cases are operated via Thoracoscopy. Especially for benign diseases is the method of choice and almost 100% of cases are operated thoracoscopically, but is not to be overlooked the fact that large number of scientific publications are dealing Thoracoscopically with malignancies.

It is true that:

  • Thoracoscopy surgery is of moderate severity.
  • Any thoracotomy, even the simplest , is considered medically very serious surgery .
  • Thoracoscopy has indisputable advantages over the open thoracotomy.


  • Avoiding the medical complications that a large incision can cause and the relevant surgical trauma can cause (thoracotomy), (Suppuration, seroma , split or incomplete wound closure , wound infections, persistent pleural pain)
  • Using high-tech disposable instruments avoidance the risks for communicable diseases (e.g. hepatitis, AIDS, Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease, etc.).
  • New innovative techniques for quicker and more effective treatment, but also simpler and more comfortable for the patient. (easier medical decision , more direct intervention, more effective treatment and diagnosis of disease using intraoperative magnification X16, specially designed precision tools , monitors HD).
  • Minimize the need for transfusion of blood or its derivatives. (avoiding all the risks associated with transfusion).
  • Very less surgical time, hospitalization and avoiding pain caused by thoracotomy. (It is known that complications increases with the duration of surgery. Pain consists the greatest fear of the patient).
  • Less “stress” to the patient and his relatives and faster restoration of cohesion of the family environment.
  • Very faster return to work and daily activities.